Road Test

$142+Tax/G2, $159+Tax/ full G to rent our car for a road test.

$128+Tax/G2, $143+Tax/ full G to rent our car for a road test.
included one hour practice

Need a Car for your Road Test? No Problem!

Do you need a vehicle to take your G2 or G practical examination? Safe2pass can help. Safe2pass is happy to rent you one of our instructional vehicles for your road test. And, since you learned to drive in our vehicles, you will be comfortable and familiar with the car on the day of your test.

Our Driver Training Vehicles Meet All MTO Standards

There are very specific parameters that all vehicles must meet in order to be legal to use for a road test in Ontario. All of Safe2pass’s driver training vehicles meet these standards, assuring that you won’t get turned away because the car you are in doesn’t meet the criteria set forth by the Ministry of Transportation.

To rent one of our instructional cars for your road test, please click here or contact us for more information.

Payment Method

E-Transfer the full amount to the following Email Address:

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